Check out what people are saying about New Zion Missionary Baptist Church.

"In our search for a church home, the Holy Spirit drew us to New Zion. I was embraced by the men of God in the church, especially the late Bro. Deacon Clarence Shuler. It was his encouraging words of wisdom that has kept New Zion close to my heart. Bro. Clarence was a worker by example and inspired me to do the same. Now as a deacon of the church the Lord has given me a role in the church to use my gifts and talents to continue the kingdom-building. I am blessed to be an active member of New Zion and I thank God for the many blessing that I have witnessed during my time here."
- Deacon Reginald Stephens

"After much prayer, and preparation relocating to Bryan from Houston along with my husband Minister Boleware and daughter India, my family joined New Zion Missionary Baptist Church in November 2012. We have experienced fruitful years at New Zion under the dynamic, powerful teaching and preaching of Dr. Sylvester Smith, Jr.

As we keep Him first in our every endeavor, constantly delighting ourselves in Him, we continuously offer the sacrifice of praise to God which is the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name. Pastor Smith is truly a man after God's own heart. God has a vision for this church and knows the end from the beginning. God is able to paint a picture of a future that will reveal His handiwork. God's thoughts are His plans. His vision for this church is to prosper, to give hope and a promising future. He has a grand and glorious vision for the destiny that lies ahead of us. Therefore, we walk by faith allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us of His Divine Purpose. Delightfully Yours"
- Sis. Sandra Boleware

"Around 1998 my former husband and I were looking for a church to attend on the Sundays that he didn't preach at our church – it was a little small church and congregation so he only preached every other Sunday. So we visited New Zion and from that first visit I knew it was a church of gifted and Holy Ghost filled folks and they were destined to do amazing things for the Lord. After our separation I found myself with a yearning to go back but I couldn't remember the name or how to get there. I could only remember it was a red brick church on a hill. It was his grandmother who told me how to get there. I returned and joined that day. It was Sister Lizzie Hickman who came to me and said, "You made the right decision". Thirteen years later I'm still here and working for God where I can. And I've never known another church with so many gifted and talented folks. There have been trials and tribulations that have only strengthened me in Christ. We have made many strives under the leadership of Pastor Smith and I give God praise that he found me worthy to work in the many ministries that I've had opportunity to work in. I thank God that he's allowed me to stand before his flock and deliver the Word of God when opportunity has availed itself. He didn't have to. My vision for New Zion has never wavered - that one day we will be the talk not only of the town but of the state and the nation. There's a red brick building on Dansby Street that sits on a hill that is a beacon of life...and EVERYTHING you need is right there."
- Min. Gloria Green