Thinking of attending a worship service at New Zion, but not sure what to expect? We realize that visiting a new church can be a little intimidating, so we’d like to answer some common questions.

  • Who can go to New Zion?

    We welcome anyone, from any walk of life and in any stage of life. Just as God welcomes all as His children, we welcome all into the church.

  • How big is your church?

    We have a membership of about 200.

  • What should I wear?

    We’re more concerned with meeting your needs rather than what you wear to church. The New Testament simply instructs us to dress modestly and decently. We encourage you to dress comfortably. This can be dressing up (suit or dress) or dressing down (khakis or jeans). So come, be comfortable, learn about God and enjoy His presence.

  • When should I arrive?

    Our worship services include a Non-Traditional worship service at 8:00 a.m. and a Traditional worship service at 11:00 a.m. If possible, please arrive at least ten minutes before services are scheduled to begin. However; if you arrive a little late, we will receive you with open arms.

  • How long is your worship service?

    You may view our Order of Service to get a sense of what to expect and to prepare yourself for worship. Our 8:00 a.m. non-traditional worship service typically lasts one hour and consists of Bible-based teaching. After this service, you may stop by the fellowship hall to get a light breakfast and visit with other worshippers. Church School begins at 9:30 a.m. Our 11:00 traditional worship service lasts approximately 2-2 ½ hours and consists of weekly announcements and worship through song, prayer, & giving as we prepare our hearts for the Bible-based preaching and teaching time.

  • What is your worship service like?

    We provide an environment that allows the congregation to express its worship and praises to God in a way that is meaningful to them as they experience and share his forgiving grace and empowering love. God’s Word, in all its truth, will be presented passionately, clearly and lovingly. You’ll see people with their hands raised and hear their voices lifted in praise. You will see and hear a guitar, keyboard, organ, drums and vocalists. 

  • Will I have to stand up in front of people?

    We do ask our visitors to complete a visitor’s card and to stand. However, some people feel uncomfortable standing and introducing themselves. So while we want to get to know you and make you feel welcome, we will never embarrass you in any way. You can relax and enjoy meeting people at your own pace.

  • What about giving during offering?

    We do not pressure our visitors to give. Our church operates through the tithes and offerings of its members. Each service our church family is given an opportunity to give back to God in support of the ministry. Generous and cheerful giving is a tangible opportunity to place our financial trust in God as we honor Him with our tithes and offerings.

  • Do you offer childcare?

    Currently we do not offer childcare. If you have an infant who needs your attention, we do have a sound-proof crying room equipped with audio, where you can attend to your child and continue to hear the message.

  • Where should I park?

    We have parking surrounding the facility to accommodate our worshippers. You will find several stalls in front of the building for handicapped persons.